Abeer Saady

Curriculum Vitae


  • Since July 2016, SIIC PhD Fellow
  • 2014/2015; MA in Media and Diversity, University of Westminster, UK
  • Master thesis title: The Discourse of “Islamic State” Expressed in Social Media (The Case of YouTube Hostage Videos2014/2015)
  • 1997; BA degree in Media and Communication, University of Cairo, Egypt

Work experience as journalist

  • A war journalist, researcher, media consultant and trainer with 26 years of professional experience in conflict zones in the Middle East. Covered the wars and conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Thailand.
  • Consultant for development projects in conflict areas. Conducted projects with international organizations and the media development community. Examples are Deutsche Welle Acadamy, UNESCO, Thomson Reuters, IREX, MICT, ICFJ, ARIJ, The Red Cross, Reporters Without Borders, Free Press Unlimited, 2454 Academy, IMS, CFI, Iraqi Foundation, MIS, Cairo University, and the Jordan Media Institute.
  • Since 2001, trained hundreds of journalists and managed numerous projects in crisis and war-torn regions, all of them devoted to the promotion of ethical and quality journalism in conditions of safety.
  • Main fields of teaching and training are: Safety of journalists, Conflict Sensitive Reporting, Ethics for reporters and photographers, dealing with radical groups (especially Islamic State), Self-regulation and establishing codes of ethics, Diversity and media, and Capacity building trainings.
  • Analyst and specialist in Radical, Jihadi and armed groups in the Middle East.
  • Delivered special consultancy to media outlets operating in Iraq, Syria, and Libya near regions controlled by the radical group “Islamic State” (IS). This included understanding IS media strategy and ways to counter its propaganda.
  • Researcher in Radicalism, specialized in IS media strategy, discourse and recruitment. Guest Lecturer at Cairo University, University of Westminster, Oslo University, Faros University, the Jordan Media Institute, and Indonesia University.
  • Public speaker in international events, and effective communicator in issues related to Media, radicalisation and conflicts
  • Columnist in issue related to MENA region.

Awards & elected posts

  • 2015-2017: Elected Member of Board of The International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT), an international organization for female journalists. Done several activities including establishing the first “Female Africa Film Festival” and safety trainings in South Africa, Nepal, and India. Drafted a safety handbook for female journalists in hostile environment.
  • 2007-2015: Elected for three terms as a member of board of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate (EJS), including two terms as Vice President of the EJS. In this role established a new system for training focused on improving the quality of Egyptian media through capacity-building; models of media self-regulation; ethical practice; promotion of social dialogue inside media; empowerment of women journalists; strengthening legal protections for media.
  • 2007-2014 Chosen as the Director of the journalist Syndicate’s training centre, that organized training courses for thousands of Arab Journalists.
  • 2014: Awarded by Reporters Without Borders at The International Day for Freedom of Journalism to be in the “100 Information Heroes list”. This was recognition for efforts defending safety of journalists in the MENA region. http://heroes.rsf.org/en/abeer-saady
  • 2008 Award of “Best Science Reporter across the African Continent”.
  • 2005 Award of Best interview by Egyptian Journalists Syndicate.

Research Focus and Interests

  • Media strategies of Jihadi radical groups, focusing on Islamic State (IS); Radical groups and social media; Conflict Sensitive Journalism; and Safety of local reporters in conflict zones

PhD Project

„The Recruitment Strategy of Islamic Radical Groups in Social Media (The Case of Islamic State recruitment in 2014-2017″

The research aims to academically examine the possible recruitment strategy conducted through the social Media tools by the radical Islamist Jihadi groups. The case study is the self-proclaimed Islamic State’s in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), currently known as Islamic State (IS), use of social media. The time frame starts from mid 2014, when IS captured the Iraqi city of Mosul and declared the Caliphate (Winter, 2015) and ends by mid 2017. This would include highlighting the ideological, psychological, and media professionalism of ‘IS’ strategy in recruiting members in a global scale through social media.

The research suggests that the Islamic State “IS” is managing a professional, well planned, sustainable, and influential social media strategy for recruitment as a base for globalizing itself to expand beyond its current location. To answer research questions, a combination of both quantitative and qualitative approaches will be used. The methods are; Qualitative Content Analysis, and Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), for a sample of materials produced and posted by IS on social media; and semi-structured interviews with Experts in radical Islamic groups, War journalists who have covered the conflict in the countries where IS operate in the Middle East, local journalists from these countries, former members of Radical groups, especially IS, young Muslims from countries that IS fighters come from.


Prof. Susanne Fengler, Erich Brost Institute, TU Dortmund; Prof. Dr. Barbara Thomaß, Ruhr University Bochum


Email: abeer.soliman(at)tu-dortmund.de

Twitter: @abeersaady