Ann Mabel Sanyu

Curriculum VitaeAnn_Mabel_Sanyu


  • since April 2015 SIIC PhD Fellow
  • since 04/2013 Doctoral studies in Media & Migration Studies, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • 06/2012 – 12/2012: Master Thesis in Audience & Identity Studies, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • 10/2011 – 12/2012: Erasmus Mundus Master Specialism, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • 09/2010 – 12/2012: Erasmus Mundus Master, University of Arhus, Denmark
  • 06/2008 – 09/2008: Master Class in Film & Documentary, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
  • 09/2004 – 07/2007: Bachelor in Mass Communication, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

Professional Experience/ Traineeships


  • 10/2013 – 04/2014 : Teacher for Audience & Identities Class, University of Hamburg
  • 06/2012 – 08/2012: Student assistant for Erasmus Mundus Program, University of Hamburg


  • 09/2012 – 01/2013: Freelancer for feature articles in the Monitor Newspaper, Uganda
  • 10/2011 – 04/2012: Blogger for Erasmus Mundus Program, University of Hamburg
  • 03/2010 – 05/2010: Cooperation with Blink Films & BBC Channel 4
  • 06/2008 – 09/2008: Trainee with Tiger Aspect, Production Company, London, UK
  • 01/2006 – 06/2010: TV Reporter, presenter & news coordinator, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC)
  • 03/2005 – 09/2005: Radio Reporter & presenter, Makerere University Radio, Uganda

Awards & Scholarships

  • 10/2013 – 02/2014: Merit Scholarship from Hamburg University
  • 10/2011 – 09/2012: Scholarship from the Rudolf Augstein Foundation
  • 10/2010 – 06/2011: Scholarship from the Danish State
  • 04/2010 – 06/2010: Winner of BBC Channel4 Competition for the World Cup Special
  • 06/2008 – 09/2008: Winner of Charlie Foreman Competition for Documentary Scholarship

PhD Project

„New media use of African migrants to negotiate identity and sense of belonging. A comparative study of Ghanaian women migrants living in Hamburg (Germany) and London (UK)”

This is a research proposal on the topic of African women migrants’ use of new media to negotiate identity and sense of belonging in Hamburg and London, derived from the findings of a Masters’ thesis study in 2012, on “media use of African women migrants to maintain cultural identity in Hamburg”. The research takes on a cross national perspective allowing comparison in two different contexts, leading to a greater awareness and deeper understanding of the social reality of the African migrants (Hantrais and Mangen 1996, p2).
The study aims to find out the possibilities created by new media such as the internet (Adoni 2002, p412) which has resulted in connections beyond national frames and identities becoming more mobile (Hepp 2005, p3). The objective of this research is to understand the role of new media in negotiating identity and belonging, as well as providing a platform for women to create new alternative representations of themselves (Georgiou 2012, p794).
The proposed research will take on a qualitative approach combining several methods in order to gain insight in to the importance of new media in the context of the migrants’ everyday life experiences. An interview guide will be based on the key themes from the literature (David and Sutton 2011, p121). Focus group discussions will be used to explore and clarify views that would be less easily accessible in an interview setting (Kitzinger 1995, p299) while observation provides the opportunity to study people in real life situations (Berger 2000, p161) as well as the immediate socio-cultural contexts in which the human existence unfolds (Jorgensen 1989, p12).


Prof. Dr. Barbara Thomaß, Ruhr University Bochum


Email: ann.sanyu(at)