SIIC Fellows

Currently nine PhD fellows are enrolled at the School of International and Intercultural Communication | SIIC:


Michele Gonnelli
„Somali Diaspora members as unofficial Development Agents and Bourgeois Values Remitters in their Country of Origin” [more]

Bettina Haasen
„Between advocacy and manipulation – journalism culture in political transformation contexts: Professional settings, roles and actions. The Case of Burundi’s 2015 Electoral Campaign” [more]

Marcus Kreutler
„Transnational Public Spheres in Euro-African relationships. European, African or Postcolonial Discourses?” [more]

Caroline Lindekamp
„The understanding and practice of interpersonal vs. mass communicative media accountability instruments in journalism in Maghreb – A qualitative study in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia” [more]

Florian Meißner
„Journalism and disasters in a cultural perspective. A comparative interview study on German and Japanese media reporting of  ‘Fukushima'” [more]

Darlene Nalih Musoro
„Poverty Framing in Africa” [more]

Abeer Saady
„The Recruitment Strategy of Islamic Radical Groups in Social Media (The Case of Islamic State recruitment in 2014-2017)” [more]

Ann Mabel Sanyu
„New media use of African migrants to negotiate identity and sense of belonging. A comparative study of Ghanaian women migrants living in Hamburg (Germany) and London (UK)” [more]

Michael Serwornoo
„The Influence of International News Agencies on the Selection and Content of Foreign News in Ghanaian newspapers“ [more]

Till Wäscher
“Political Communication Strategies of grass roots privacy advocates in the aftermath of the Snowden leaks” [more]